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Content that Connects You to Your Customer

Content for drug treatment facilities should be developed around the idea of becoming a resource, and using the entire decision making funnel to keep your facility top of mind while the addicts, or their families, search the web for answers.

Sublime Health has been involved in all areas of content development that influence the way people make decisions.  From press releases that rank within Google to landing page copy to informational content that empowers the visitor to make a choice.

In addition to website copy, we also offer content marketing for your facility.  If you are looking for more digital PR, head on over to our Content Marketing page.


    Deciding what to write and how to write it begins with determine what individual you are targeting.  As you can see from the image above, there are four levels that most consumers go through while making a decision.  Some do this quickly, while others take their time.  The Drug Rehab Agency’s job is to identify these people, and ensure that your website and external content speak to each of them at each stage of this process.


    Awareness, within the rehabilitation space, refers to those who”think” they, or a loved one, may have an addiction problem.  For this stage, we focus on “evergreen” content.  This is resourceful content that is searched for monthly by most people entering into this phase.  Topics such as, “How to spot addiction” or “Am I an alcoholic?” are searched every month by users and their families.  This is the time to help them, educate them, and let them know they are not alone. When they find this content, you become a resource to the family, not a business.


    Now that the families or the users have identified the problem and have some basic knowledge, they move into the “Interest” phase.  At this time, they are looking for more information on the addiction.  They may search Google for terms like “What is alcoholism?” or “What causes addiction?”  Here, we deliver content that speaks to them and lets them know they are not alone.  We provide them with factual and scientific information on many different topics to let them learn more about the illness.


    Once the users have satisfied their desire to understand their illnesses, they create desire to change.  This is typically right before “Rock Bottom.”  They search for terms that hint that treatment is on the horizon, such as “How long does drug rehab last?” or “What does drug treatment cost?”  We serve content to these individuals that answers their questions, and we start to push them to make a phone call.  This content, although it is educational and answers their questions, will have a heavier focus on conversion through a phone call or a form completion.


    Finally, the family or the user has hit “rock bottom.”  It is time to make a change,, and they have, most likely, taken the first step.  In this final phase, we focus on short, call-to-action pages.  They search for terms like “Drug Rehab + city name” or “Alcohol treatment + city name.”  Our content here is extremely important, as this is your chance to connect.  The copy on the page calms them and lets them know that they are not alone, and there is hope.  That hope is delivered through your services, and you offer them a way to start on the road to recovery.  We focus on the positives, remind them of the negatives, and build their desire to be sober.


    The mistake that most drug treatment facilities make is that they only focus on the “Action” portion of the decision making process, leaving the rest to other facilities or large lead generation websites.  By focusing on ALL areas of the decision-making process, you are branding yourself as the provider of knowledge and hope.  You are their resource for everything they needed, and they now trust you to help them.  Making the is then conversion much easier.

    What Does it Cost?

    Our content marketing offering is very dependent on your sites needs.  Depending on the size of your site, and the level of content needed, we will build out specific pricing to meet the needed goal.  As an average, our clients have between $5,000 and $15,000/month for content development needs.

    If you are interested in learning more about this, and how Sublime Health  can help you build out your content plan to help potential residents, please contact us.  We will review your content, and find the best way to serve you and your prospective clients.