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Clinical Training

Sublime Health SolutionsClinical Training

Clinical practice in behavioral health and addiction treatment can take on many different forms, which can make the determination of clinical practices for your treatment center more complex. Establishing your clinical practices will take time, extensive research and an intimate knowledge of the specific issues facing those in your specific area. Sublime Health Solutions can help you wade through the data to determine the best clinical practices for your treatment center.

The Changing Face of Addiction Treatment

Clinical practice is constantly in flux because the face of addiction treatment is regularly changing. Some of the changes currently facing addiction treatment facilities include:

  • New Drugs Are Surfacing All The Time, Presenting New Treatment Challenges
  • Definitions Of Recovery, Treatment And Relapse Are Always Evolving
  • Focus In Clinical Management Is Subject To Ongoing Shifts
  • Patient Profiles Fluctuate, Necessitating New Practices To Accommodate New Demographics

Even when you establish clinical practices that work for your facility at a given time, those practices may need to change in the future to accommodate fluctuations in addiction and treatment trends. In some cases, you may require a professional consultant to take your current pulse on your practice and recommend possible changes that would improve your patient care and outcomes.

Understanding Patient Profiles

Patient profiles are dynamic in terms of age, gender and socio-economic status. It is important to be aware of these trends so that your clinical practices offer the greatest benefit to the majority of your patients. Things to watch for in these trends include:

  • Types of substances abused (alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs, illicit substances)
  • Age range (substance abuse is increasing in adults over the age of 50 in some areas)
  • Co-existing disorders (substance abuse and mental health disorders complicate treatment)

When you have an accurate patient profile, you are able to provide the most effective clinical practices for your patients. Sublime Health Solutions can help you assemble the data and statistics necessary to offer the most customized approach to those struggling with substance abuse in your area.

The Importance of EBP

Evidence-based practices is the wave of the present and future, as clinical studies begin to shed light on which treatment methods actually work and which ones don’t. However, EBP opens up a whole new Pandora’s Box in some cases, as the number of EBPs continues to grow. Now, clinicians must not only consider the applicability of the practices but the criteria used to measure their success. With a long list of possibilities, it can require an exorbitant amount of time to pore over the facts and research to choose the best EBPs for your center.

When you are weeding through the preponderance of facts to find the best solutions for your facility, the amount of information can be overwhelming. The team at Sublime Health Solutions can help by providing you guidance in the current trends and pinpointing practices that will relate best to your patient profile. Getting professional advice in this area can provide you with peace-of-mind in knowing the practices you choose will provide the best possible outcomes for the majority of your patients..

Clinical practices define how you treat patients every day. Allow Sublime Health Solutions to help you establish the most effective methodology for your practice to ensure you achieve positive outcomes that will help you grow your business well into the future. Learn more about our consulting services by contacting us today at (888) 285-2853!